You are looking to start a porn site and you have no experience in adult SEO and porn site development? You are planning to buy scripts, plugins, hosting, and domains, and spend $180 on a single porn site? I can help you reduce your costs and I will provide you with full 1 on 1 coaching on porn sites.

I will help you create 2 porn sites for $159. I will help you pick your niches, and domains, I will help you create your websites. I will provide you with a full, 3-month-long, ONE on ONE coaching. I will track your progress during these 3 months and will keep working with you until you start making at least $20 per day. I will be available whenever you need me, 24/7, and I guarantee your results. Your only expense will be $159 (including hosting, domains, and scripts). You will pay me $300 for my coaching once you earn your first $1,000 from your porn sites.

how to make money with porn tutorial


We will go through these 3 stages during our porn site business coaching.



We'll start by teaching you how porn site works, I will help you choose your niches, pick your domains, create your websites and I will help you monetize them.



Once your sites are up, we can dive into our traffic strategies, you will learn everything about ON and OFF page SEO, social and re-uploading traffic, and scaling.



You are spending only $159 upfront. This price includes scripts, hosting, domains, and 2 porn sites + full setup + you will pay me $300 once you receive your first $1,000 payment.



I have no previous experience ?

A This course is 100% newbies friendly, and you can start even if you have never touched a computer before.

Can I start a porn site from India ?

A Yes, you can start a porn site from India, 20% of my coaching students are coming from India, just use VPN and you are ready to go.

My english is not so great, can I make it work ?

A Of course, you won't need perfect English.

How much money do I need for start ?

A You will need $159 total, you will use that money to pay for your scripts, adult hosting, and domains. That's your only investment.

Can I sell my site once it start making money ?

A Yes, I am also buying porn sites, and if you decide to sell them, I will buy your porn sites. I am offering 12X monthly income, so if your site is making $200 per month, you will get $2400 for it.

Do I need a high speed internet connection ?

A No, you just need a regular internet speed.

Can I buy an established porn site ?

A Yes, I am selling porn sites through my BuySellPornsite.com website, websites are selling at 18X monthly income. If my website is making $400 per month, I am selling it at $7200.

Can I create my porn sites in other languages ?

A Yes, you can create a porn site in your own language.

Is having a porn site legal ?

A Of course, we are creating websites using embedded videos, we are hosting 0% of our videos, and this business is 100% legal.

How do I get paid ?

A You have 3 payment options, Paxum, WIRE and Check.

How many sites should I start with ?

A My coaching will get you 2 porn sites, it will take you 1.5 hours per day to manage 2 sites, but once you start making money you will be happy you went with 2 sites instead of just 1.

How much time should I spend working on my sites ?

A You will spend around 40 minutes per day on each website.

Can I work from my phone or tablet ?

A Yes, you can, but it would be really hard to complete some tasks over your small screen device.

When will I start making money ?

A You will start making at least $15-20 per day during our coaching.

Business models


Once you start making $10+ per day, we're gonna start scaling your business. I will teach you how to start scaling your business exponentially.

Sell your website

You just want to build and sell your websites? That's smart. I will show you how to build your sites, work on them for 6-12 months, and sell them for 10X - 15X monthly income.

Passive income

Once you start making $50+ per day, I will help you find a freelancer that will do everything for you, which will cost you only $15 per day, so you can stop working and start making $35 per day in passive income.



Your total investment will be $159 (including scripts, hosting, and domains). You get 2 sites full setup and you get 3 months of 1 on 1 coaching with me. You will pay me $300 for my coaching once you make your first $1000.

$459 Regular


My Training Will Not…

Waste 3 months of your life on useless tutorials. We will start working, building and making money right from the start

Provide you with untested methods and techniques because everything I teach is from my experience.

Take your money upfront, you will pay me $300 once you make your first $1,000 using your porn sites

Leave you stranded at the end of the course, I will help you scale your business and I will provide you with extended support


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My coaching is not necessary for you to start making money from your porn sites, you can start your porn sites by yourself, without my course, you can try and fail and you will learn over time. Coaching will just save you tons of time, you get 10 years of my experience and knowledge compiled into video lessons, and you also get my advice 1 on 1 over Skype, whenever you need one.